Vancouver Sun Article: Is Dairy Good or Bad?

Sun Run Training Week 11: Clarifying the Benefits of Dairy

milkDairy has got a pretty bad rap lately.  There is a lot of controversy about whether we should be consuming dairy products. Admittedly, dairy isn't for everyone and it may exasperate certain conditions in some dairy sensitive people who suffer from migraines, tonsilloliths, constipation, eczema or lactose intolerance.  Also, we all know that cows produce methane and too many cows is not good for our environment.  Having said that, dairy still represents a very nutritious food group that promotes healthy growth and development in children and youth and has been shown to be an excellent recovery food post exercise to replenish our fuel stores and rebuild muscles.  In this week's Vancouver Sun article, I speak about some of the benefits of dairy.  Most things in life are not all good or all bad and have shades of gray. Read full article here.

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