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Comprehensive Care​

As part of our commitment to providing the best comprehensive care, we maintain regular communication with physicians.

This collaborative approach ensures that your journey towards better health is informed and coordinated to meet your unique needs.

Struggling with any of these? We’ve got you covered.

Emotional Eating

Our dietitians are highly skilled at assessing the relationship between self-esteem, stress and eating behaviours.  

Craving Change Facilitator

As a Craving ChangeR facilitor, Cristina has helped many clients to understand and overcome their emotional relationship with food. She can see setbacks before they happen and will give you strategies and a plan that you know you can stick to.

Get Leaner & Stronger

Our dietitians help clients achieve their body composition goals by combining personalized nutrition plans with their training.

Tailored Approach

They tailor their guidance to each client’s unique needs, creating a sustainable and effective roadmap for their fitness journey. Our dietitians’ expertise in nutrition and fitness empowers clients to make positive lifestyle changes, fostering long-term results.

Digestive Conditions​

Cristina lives with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and understands first hand the challenges of the FODMAP diet. 

Get Relief

Our dietitians are passionate about resolving your digestive struggles, FOR GOOD! Our thorough approach involves identifying trigger foods, incorporating gut-friendly nutrition, and guiding clients towards lasting relief and a predictable and comfortable digestive system.


Cristina has taken continuing education to learn the strategies on how best to retain your fitness and health through menopause. 

Optimize Health

Leverage tailored nutrition and training strategies to optimize bone health, mitigate insulin resistance, retain muscle and minimize fat gain through the perimenopause transition.  

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Teams We've Helped

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Elite Athlete Experience

Over 20 years working with elite, professional, and recreational athletes.

Cristina has worked with both the Vancouver Canucks and Canadian Olympic athletes.  She also worked with the Vancouver National Swim Centre, travelling with Swimming Canada’s team to world championships as well as supporting SwimBC, Womens Canadian Alpine Ski Team, BCParaAlpine Ski Team, BCGymnastics, BCBasketball and BCFieldHockey.

Brianna worked as the Sports Dietitian for a professional rugby team at the London Irish Rugby Club in England and was responsible for athlete nutrition and supplements throughout their season.

Nowadays, both Cristina and Brianna use that same expertise to guide recreational athletes who are training for their next big race, whether it’s a 10K or Ironman. 

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