Live Group Coaching

Live Sport Nutrition Programs with Elite Dietitians to empower athletes to build sport nutrition habits that fuel athletic performance

muscle building

Muscle Building Coaching for Teen Boys

Customized weekly topics and goal setting including Breakfast & Bedtime snacks, Training and Recovery snacks, Protein, Creatine, Sport Drinks and more.

tween athlete

4 Weeks to Sports Nutrition Mastery for Tween Athletes

Tailored for tween athletes, this 4-week program is a perfect blend of interactive learning and athletic development. Focus on foundations in sports nutrition, while setting goals.

tennis player

Sport Nutrition Coaching for Tough Girls

Program for female teen athletes to learn nutrition strategies to elevate their game. Understanding the unique physiological needs of girls in sports, this program offers a supportive environment to build strength, recovery and power.


4-Week Program for Perimenopausal Athletes

A comprehensive live course on how to leverage your nutrition and fitness to kick butt! Learn from sport medicine physician Dr Sara Forsyth, physiotherapist and coach Karly Foster and sport dietitian Cristina Sutter to leverage effective strategies for active women through perimenopause and menopause.

Program Features:

  • Individual Feedback: Get advice on meals and snacks.
  • Interactive Q&A: Have questions addressed in real time.
  • Build Habits and Food Skills: Easy Recipes, Meal ideas and Snack ideas.
  • Covered by Extended Health Plans: Insurance friendly receipts are provided.
  • Huge Value: Big savings over individual sessions and extra accountability.
  • Accountability and Food Journal Feedback: Get real time feedback and meal ideas.

Weekly Topics:

  • Breakfasts & Sleep Schedule
  • Recovery Snacks and Smoothies
  • Protein, Creatine, Gainers
  • Training Snacks to Fuel Performance
  • Iron, Anemia and Supplements
  • Weekends, Bedtime Snacks
  • Sport Drinks, Electrolytes and Hydration
  • Games, Tournaments and Races
  • Travel Nutrition
  • Meal Plans for Training Days and Competition Days
  • What is your Kryptonite and Anticipate Setbacks

Live Group Coaching FAQ

How often do group coaching sessions take place?

Group coaching sessions occur virtually once a week for 45min.

How much time is required aside from the virtual coaching session?

There is no extra time commitment.  Your “homework” will be to just practice one small change with your diet each week.

What if we cannot make a lesson?

If you miss a lesson, it is recorded so you can easily watch it later. You still get your 1:1 appt with goals and meal plan.

What can we expect to learn?

Weekly lessons help you focus on building good habits, one at a time.

Do we have to attend alone?

You can join with a teammate, sibling or join by yourself. 

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