Our Elite Dietitians

Meet our elite dietitians, Cristina Sutter and Brianna Gorman, who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our practice. With diverse backgrounds in nutrition, sports science, and dietetics, we’re here to support you on your journey to better health and well-being.

Cristina Sutter, MHSc., RD


  • MHSc. Community Nutrition, University of Toronto
  • BSc Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University
  • Dietetics Program, University of BC
  • Certified Craving Change CBT Clinician
  • Eating Disorders in Sports Dare to Fuel Performance Training
  • Dr Stacy Sims Menopause 2.0 Course


Cristina Sutter is a Registered Dietitian with over twenty years of experience providing nutrition counselling. She has helped thousands of individuals reach their health and fitness goals with proven dietary strategies.

Cristina has decades of experience working with pediatric, prenatal, chronic disease and autoimmune conditions, through her work as a Vancouver Coastal Health outpatient dietitian.

Cristina is the best reviewed dietitian in Vancouver on Lumino Health with a 5 star rating. She was a University Instructor too, teaching the fourth-year sport nutrition course at the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and Langara College.

Brianna Gorman, MSc., RD


  • MSc Applied Sports Nutrition, St. Marys University
  • BSc Dietetics, Ulster University  
  • Top Academic performance
  • First Class Honours
  • ISAK Level 1 Anthropometrist
  • UKAD ‘Introduction to clean sport’ certificate


A dietitian since 2019, Brianna initially worked in the UK covering a variety of clinical areas including gut disorders, heart health and weight management. She has specialized experience in gastroenterology and taught group classes on the fodmap diet for clients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Brianna also worked as the Sports Dietitian for a professional rugby team at the London Irish Rugby Club in England and was responsible for athlete nutrition and supplements throughout their season.

As a plant based sport dietitian since 2020, she has worked with recreational and professional athletes, with a focus on improving performance, body comp and weight management. Brianna is an avid skier, runner and plays Gaelic football, too. If you follow a plant based diet or would like to start a plant based diet, Brianna will be able to help.


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