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Cristina Sutter will tell you how to eat to get the results you want. Cristina makes eating right a simple, fun and rewarding journey.

Need Answers?

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• Vancouver Canucks, 11 years
• Strength And Conditioning Coach
• University of Waterloo

-Roger Takahashi

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"She was instrumental in setting up our nutrition information for our off-season manual. Great results. An expert in her field."

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• Paralympic Athlete
• Canadian Paralympic Hall of Fame
• Registered Dietitian

-Jennifer Krempien

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"Cristina was creative in modifying performance nutrition strategies (for our athletes') daily training environment and competition."

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• Program Director
• Regional Technical Coach
• Interim Provincial Coach

-Mike Flegel

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"Cristina does an exceptional job of providing information on how to fuel the body to enhance recovery and maximize performance."

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• Simon Fraser Aquatics AAA BC Swimmer

-Patty and Miranda Andersen

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“You have a wonderful demeanor with kids - a true teacher. Miranda was very pleased with the consultation (as was Mom)."

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• National Heavyweight Rower
• Varsity Rowing at UBC
• Varsity Rowing at Queens University

-Nathalie Maurer

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“I just weighed myself this morning and I am down 15lbs... it has been an amazing transformation for me."

Services & Rates:

All of Cristina's available services at a glance

What Can Cristina Help Me With?

Cristina has 15 years of experience providing nutrition counselling for health conditions and concerns including:

  • nutrition for children and youth
  • chronic constipation
  • eating on the go
  • emotional eating
  • feeding a busy family
  • heart disease (cholesterol, blood pressure)
  • infant nutrition
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • kidney disease
  • meal planning
  • prenatal nutrition
  • sport performance
  • weight loss
  • weight gain

 Cristina believes that eating better needs to be practical and easily fit your lifestyle to achieve your long term personal health goals.

Presentations: $350 and up

cris-sutter-004-smallFrom small to large groups, Cristina’s interactive sessions are individualized to your group or team’s specific needs and topics.  Cristina is available to speak at your next athlete training camp, parent nutrition education meeting or staff conference.


Individual Consultation: $145/hr


Cristina conducts a complete nutrition assessment and designs a customized nutrition plan tailored to help you achieve your goals. She will explain how different foods are affecting your body and help you to make changes that fit within your lifestyle.


Individual Follow-Up: $105/40 minutes


Check in with Cristina for support and guidance to monitor your progress and help keep you on track to reach your goals. Follow ups are encouraged to help keep you motivated and can be added to an individual consultation or to a package.


Complete Nutrition Package: $535

blackberries1Ensure your success with the Complete Package, where Cristina will work closely with you every step of the way to achieve your health and fitness goal. She will create a custom meal plan that fits your lifestyle, provide you with weekly goals, monitor your progress and prepare you for special events, eating out and travel to help keep you on track. This will help keep you motivated to reach your long-term goal.  There are no refunds on the nutrition package.


  • One 60 minute Initial nutrition assessment 
  • Four 40 minute follow up session 

Couple consultation $115pp

pear1Want a family meal plan that works for both of you?  If you and your family member have similar health and fitness goals, come in together for a joint nutrition consultation.  You will receive a customized nutrition plan that works for both of you.  


Initial Couples Consultation: $230 for 90min ($115 per person)

Follow up Couples Consultation: $140 for 60min ($70 per person)

Writing for Media

typing1Cristina is available to write about new diet trends and the latest nutrition research for local newspapers and magazines.  See her blog articles for links to her articles in the Vancouver Sun and other papers and magazines.  Please contact Cristina to discuss your project.

Menu and Recipe Analysis

nutritionfacts1Whether you are catering for a sports team, health conscious executives or school children, Cristina conducts a thorough nutrition analysis of your menu plan and provides easy substitutions to meet nutrition guidelines.  Please contact Cristina to discuss your project.

Cristina does not sell any nutrition products or supplements, so you know that what she recommends is really the best for you, not for her pocketbook.

Latest News

  • Vancouver Sun article: Tips to Avoid the Discomforts of Running

    Discomforts of running include stitch and urgent bathroom stops.In this week's Vancouver Sun article, I give readers tips to ensure a happy gut while running. SunRun training now well underway, you may have experienced the aches and pains of a stitch or the discomforts of having to make an urgent bathroom stop along your jog. These can be avoided by having the right foods at the right time and avoiding certain foods and drinks before your run.  Read more...


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