Online Courses for Athletes

Cristina is now offering Elite Dietitians, a virtual library of Online Sport Nutrition Courses, Free Sport Nutrition Resources and Blog for young athletes.

These courses include short digestible content created with the younger audience in mind allowing them to learn at their own pace. Online courses include:

  • Short videos
  • Key messages for athletes
  • Lunch and snack ideas
  • Recovery snacks for practices and games
  • Fuel for Tournaments
  • Travel nutrition
  • Best Smoothies, Bedtime Snacks
  • Sports drinks, Supplements

Check out her courses here:

Watch Online Sport Nutrition Courses for:

  • Artistic Swimmers
  • Premier Soccer U13-U15
  • Hockey U11-U18
  • Swimmers
  • Track
  • Vancouver Warriors Lacrosse
  • Parents of Young Athletes
  • What Athletes Need to Know about Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (REDs)
  • What Physios and Practitioners Need to Know about Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (REDs)

Get Free Sport Nutrition Resources for Young Athletes:

  • Athlete’s Guide to Sport Drinks
  • Recovery Smoothies for Young Athletes
  • Sport Nutrition Tips and Meal Plan
  • Sport Nutrition on Competition Day
  • Grocery List for Athletes

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