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Cristina Sutter will tell you how to eat to get the results you want. Cristina makes eating right a simple, fun and rewarding journey.

Need Answers?

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• Vancouver Canucks, 11 years
• Strength And Conditioning Coach
• University of Waterloo

-Roger Takahashi

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"She was instrumental in setting up our nutrition information for our off-season manual. Great results. An expert in her field."

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• Paralympic Athlete
• Canadian Paralympic Hall of Fame
• Registered Dietitian

-Jennifer Krempien

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"Cristina was creative in modifying performance nutrition strategies (for our athletes') daily training environment and competition."

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• Program Director
• Regional Technical Coach
• Interim Provincial Coach

-Mike Flegel

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"Cristina does an exceptional job of providing information on how to fuel the body to enhance recovery and maximize performance."

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• Simon Fraser Aquatics AAA BC Swimmer

-Patty and Miranda Andersen

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“You have a wonderful demeanor with kids - a true teacher. Miranda was very pleased with the consultation (as was Mom)."

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• National Heavyweight Rower
• Varsity Rowing at UBC
• Varsity Rowing at Queens University

-Nathalie Maurer

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“I just weighed myself this morning and I am down 15lbs... it has been an amazing transformation for me."

Frequently Asked Questions

Cristina is here to educate and inspire- Here are some of my most common questions:

Are you hiring any volunteer or paid positions?

pomegraniteThere are no paid or volunteer opportunities at this time.  Due to confidentiality in sessions with clients, Cristina is not able to have students "shadow" her work day.  

There may be some volunteer opportunities at organizations such as Vancouver Coastal Health, non profit food security organizations, UBC, SportMedBC, Fortius, Canadian Sport Centre and recreational sports teams.  

What do I need to prepare for my first session?

Adobe-PDF-Logo Please read these instructions on keeping your 7 day food journal before your appointment.

Where is your office?

Cristina's office is conveniently located at 

Optimal Performance Clinic
Suite 1250 at 1111 West Hastings St.
Vancouver, B.C. V6E 2J3
Phone: 604-558-1250

Cristina is available for Presentations throughout the Lower Mainland and beyond. Contact Cristina to discuss your special event.  

When are you available?

daytimerCristina is available for presentations during evenings and weekends.  

Cristina's office hours are Mondays 3:30-6pm and Thursday 9:30am-6pm.  

What can I expect from the first session?

mango1Cristina will conduct a complete nutrition assessment and provide you with a diet plan and specific food subsitutions that will help you achieve your goals. Cristina knows how to work your favorite foods into your plan and makes eating better fit into your lifestyle.   You will leave feeling empowered, motivated and confident that you will be successful.  If you purchase a meal plan or one of the Nutrition Packages, then you will also have a one week meal plan to get you started on your new way of healthy eating.  

Are Registered Dietitian Services covered by my extended health plan?

healthclaimformAlthough MSP does not cover registered dietitians, many employer paid extended health plans do.  Check with your health benefits provider as many plans include coverage for Registered Dietitian services.  

RD versus Nutritionist?

deree1Registered Dietitians have completed a 4 year university degree, a one year internship and a nationwide exam. We are trained to work in the treatment and prevention of disease using evidence-based treatment plans and are regulated under the Health Professionals Act.

Anyone can call themselves a Nutritionist, it is an unregulated term in Canada and these individuals have no set qualifications or nutrition education. Registered Holistic NutritionistTM are individuals trained in a 1 year program, they are not regulated by a governing body and they are not clinically trained to treat health conditions.

You can check whether someone is a qualified nutrition professional by contacting Dietitians of Canada or BC College of Dietitians to obtain a list of Registered Dietitians in your area.

Latest News

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    Discomforts of running include stitch and urgent bathroom stops.In this week's Vancouver Sun article, I give readers tips to ensure a happy gut while running. SunRun training now well underway, you may have experienced the aches and pains of a stitch or the discomforts of having to make an urgent bathroom stop along your jog. These can be avoided by having the right foods at the right time and avoiding certain foods and drinks before your run.  Read more...


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